The Venerable Rev. Shokai Koshikadate Soke
77th Headmaster of the Koshikadate Shugen lineage and Chief Priest of Kannon Ji temple in Higashine City, Yamagata, Japan. The Koshikadate Shugen Lineage was recognized by the Japanese Government as a Shukyo Hojin organization and registered as Ko Ryu Shugen Honshu in 2006.

Tradition says the Ryu was well established by the 5th century AD, and scholars that have examined the records have found nothing that contradicts that conclusion, thus making Koshikidate Shugen one of the oldest Shugen lineages in Japan.

Mr. Jikkai Hennum
He received Tokudo (ordination) from Shokai Koshikadate Soke, at Kannon Ji temple in Higashine, in Yamagata, Japan.