For the ordinary practitioner, the teachings develop a greater awareness of the limitless potential of the human being, while cultivating a renewal of Life Spirit and a greater harmony with Dai Shinzen or Great Nature.  Within the dynamics of any life situation, whether on a personal, interpersonal, or in community, the teachings may also apply.

For the advanced practitioner, Shugendo offers a well defined philosophy for living simply and completely in an extremely complicated and increasingly confusing world. A regimen of living with a sense of inner abundance is cultivated.  Mental clarity, emotional stability, and increased creativity may result.  A greater harmony both within the individual and for Society is an aim of the training. Exposure and greater understanding of traditional Japanese and Asian culture is also encouraged.

For the superior practitioner, pursuing the ideal of hanso-hanzoku, vistas open, and benefits beyond the power of words to describe await those who tread the mountain path.